Ria Business Event in Ukraine

5 June 2015

Financial Service Bureau the technical partner of the largest money transfer systems was the co-organizer of Ria Business Event, which was hold by Ria money transfer in Kiev, June 4, 2015.

The main purpose of the event was to present the initiatives and overview of Ria and technological partner “Financial Service Bureau” business in Ukraine and top remittance sending countries.

 As the third largest money transfer company in the world Ria Money Transfer offers services in 139 countries and 246 000 service points. Ria has been working in Ukraine since 2009, but to 2015 the company’s services were presented only in several Ukrainian banks.

 Today, the plans of Ria and Financial Service Bureau to expand the number of agent banks in Ukraine and increase the level of brand awareness among users of services in Ukraine and abroad.

The most favorable conditions of work with Ria provide the following advantages:

  •    – wide network of sending and payment of transfers across the world;
  •    – reasonable client fees;
  •    – high speed and reliability of transfers in US dollars and Euro;
  •    – standards compliance to safety requirements.

Partnership with “Financial Service Bureau” allows Ria money transfer to solve many technical and organizational problems when dealing with banks, and financial institutions optimize the costs in connecting to the system.

 Ria Business Event in Ukraine was attended by over 40 representatives of Ukrainian banks. Business meeting provided a platform for the discussion of top issues of remittances market. At the end of meeting participants continued their discussion in an informal atmosphere and enjoyed panoramic city views from the restaurant.

Ria Money Transfer (“Ria”) was founded in 1987 and is today the third largest money transfer company in the world, with a global agent network of 246,000 locations in 139 countries worldwide.

 Ria Financial Services is a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc. , and has a network of offices and agents in North and South America, Europe, actively expanding its presence in Asia (particularly in the South-East), Africa, Oceania.

Remittances in the RIA are carried out in US dollars and euros.

 LLC “Financial Service Bureau” has been operating since 2006 providing technical services to banks and financial institutions for effective decision of various business challenges.

In particular, the main activities of the company are services of connection with leading international money transfer systems, and services to protect against money-laundering, fraud and non-compliance of legislation.

Today Financial Service Bureau services more than 200 banks in 14 countries.