Single Window

Single Window – a comprehensive solution that provides banks and financial institutions quick access to various International Money Transfer Systems using single and user-friendly interface. Today, the solution is represented by 16 International Money Transfer Systems. Single Window is already used by more than 150 banks in 20 thousand points of service in 14 countries: Israel, Malaysia, Hungary, Latvia and CIS countries.

Key functional opportunities
  • Sending and receiving remittances
  • Cancellation of money transfer
  • Prior evaluation of money transfer payment
  • View the list of remittances
  • Search for transfer by number, data of the sender, and recipient
Additional functional opportunities
  • Consolidated accounting
  • Multilevel structure of the bank
  • Generation of different accounting
  • Clients database support
  • Setting limits on the level of subagent, and point
  • Support of multilingual interface
  • Localization to the requirements of local legislation (through control limits individuals, according to National Bank of Ukraine requirements)
  • Сonnection scheme
  • System main window
  • Funds transfer form

Single Window main advantages

Single technology work

SingleWindow – easy-to-use and intuitive interface for accessing various international money transfer systems.

A large number of systems allow clients to choose the best option for sending or receiving money, as each system has its advantages of rate, geography, and additional services. Single Window allows the cashier to use one login, password and certificate for access to Single Window, as well as provides a single tool for the administration, which greatly simplifies the work of the technical experts of the bank.

Cost minimization for implementation and maintenance of systems

Access to the most asked-for systems in fast and convenient way – via Web-application, which is cashier-operator working place. There is no need to install and operate additional hardware and software in the System points of service. There is need to connect point of sale to the Internet, or provide access via corporate network of the bank.

Flexible integration

As an alternative option of access to the systems of remittances functional is the possibility of a partial or complete connection Single Window with different core banking systems according to universal Web-services technology.

Most methods of web-services Single Window are the same for all Money Transfer Systems that allow to significantly reduce the time and resources of each system integration. Additionally, using the universal web-services can be implemented by the bank functionality for sending/receiving payment transfers through the following channels: Internet banking, mobile banking, self-service kiosks or project on payment/ sending remittances to the card or from the card.

Support Center

Support Center provides consulting and technical services in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages via following communication channels: e-mail, forum, and phone (from 8 a.m. to 21 p.m., (Kyiv time) and 24/7 on a detached number). Regular updates of software and hardware system implemented on the Financial Services Bureau side in accordance to the rules and requirements of the system, including in terms of new solutions and services that offer our partners (customer loyalty cards, loyalty programs cashiers, tellers, a variety of operations and others.) and the required adjustments.


In addition to the “traditional” functions that are required in the process of sending and receiving money transfers, we have implemented additional features greatly simplify the user work. Among them: advanced tools for creating reports that provide training as mandatory reporting, as well as to satisfy the individual needs of business users; setting limits required by regulators; setting limits for sending and receiving remittances at departmental level, providing the flexibility to manage the volume of services and minimize the risks of the bank. There is also the possibility of implementing other bank needs.

Accessible International Money Transfer Systems