valantic is your “high-end” consulting & solutions partner for digital transformation – from strategy to tangible realization.

valantic creates software and digital process solutions that enable customers to achieve strategic advantages over their competitors. valantic masters the central challenges of digitization with a uniquely flexible, elementary organizational structure and operational excellence.

valantic aim is to break through established patterns of thought. To this end, valantic combines technological competence with industry know-how.

valantic applications
FinCASE for Investigations

FinCASE for Investigations is an intuitive and efficient way to electronically record complaints: either from different sources such as SWIFT, e-mail and fax or directly via the use of open gateways and/or an API to third-party applications (e.g. for nostro reconciliation, money laundering or e-banking). The central instrument is the maintenance of an electronic process file which is optimised for the processing, managing and analysing of demands regarding financial transactions.

FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions

FinCASE for Bank2Bank Commissions automates the handling of incoming and outgoing receivables and monitors the corresponding cash flows. A granular rulebook allows the configuration of the fee model and the controlling of the receivables delivery. Moreover, the receivables and yields are transparently broken down and comprehensive statistics, such as the level of STP degree for the business partners’ payments, are displayed.